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Artist Statement and Bio
About David King

David King was born and raised in New York, where he studied fine art and concentrated in oil painting until 1994 when he left for Atlanta, Georgia to pursue sculpture at the State University of West Georgia.  After many annual multi-artist exhibits, David began his love of photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 2011 David began study at Georgia State University, receiving his Masters of Fine Art in May of 2014.  David’s  images explore the act of contemplation and the realization of instinctive and involuntary thought and practice while focusing on the inherent issues in our society and within one’s own self. This exploration is focused on an artifact that has been present within his works to date. This labor focuses on the thought of direct narrative influence in an effort to isolate and deeply examine the true inner workings of his processes in photography.  This emotional space opens the viewer’s own subconscious and allows for greater interaction with the art itself. While directing the audience’s eye, David’s photography is meant to push the audience to find their own message. Sometimes his messages are implied and other times they are direct.

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